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About David Bailey

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Proven Record, Tougher DWI Laws.


About my record. I make no apologies for the fact that as a prosecuting attorney my record is being tough on Drunk Drivers.


I worked with our Representatives in making our DWI laws tougher for drunk drivers who come into our state from neighboring states. 


It’s important to me that our schools and streets are safe. That will be a top priority for me as your District Judge. 

Works Hard, Experienced.


I practice family law, civil law, and have worked with hundreds of clients over the past two decades.


I serve as your Prosecuting Attorney for Siloam Springs and have done so for more than 17 years, holding guilty criminals accountable.


In the evenings and on weekends, my family runs our cattle farm located near Gravette, and we take care of our aging parents, as many of you do or have done. 

What Makes a Good District

Judge - My Beliefs:

Even though we live in the best place in the world – I’m not blind to the fact that it is vitally important to get control of our community’s drunk driving, texting and driving, and drug trafficking problem. 


As a result of drugs like Meth, our courts are seeing an increase in Domestic Violence against those least able to defend themselves - women and children. That’s totally unacceptable. 


As District Judge, I will hold guilty abusers accountable to the letter of the law.  I believe our legal system too often fails the victim, especially for domestic violence.


As District Judge, I will look for creative solutions to curb Domestic Violence crimes, and I will be active in promoting and supporting shelters that provide needed care for people with no place to go. I invite your input on how we can best accomplish that.   


As District Judge, I’ll also earn the reputation for listening to our community, being always fair, and supporting the police officers who risk their lives during late-night calls for our families.