Paid for by Committee to Elect David Bailey


Former Judge 

Marianne McBeth

I've been a District Judge, and it's the place where most people go for everyday life, including traffic violations, DWIs, and domestic violence charges. A good judge has the patience to listen but also a strong conviction to do what's right. It means giving people a second chance, and can also require toughness. David (and Carla) have my full support!  

Glynn & Jennifer


As pastor of First Baptist Gravette, I have enjoyed the fellowship David and Carla bring to our church, including teaching adult Sunday school and singing. They desire to use the talents God blessed them with to help so many people. David also serves as an attorney for the church to help us navigate the day-to-day obligations of any church our size. 

Mayor Kurt Maddox

David has proven himself to be an outstanding attorney and a hard worker for his clients, for Siloam Springs, and for all of Benton County.


He stood strong against Drunk Driving while serving as the prosecuting attorney for Siloam Springs for nearly 20 years. I believe he will make an excellent Judge.

Katie Rennard

I've known David for many years in connection with our shared membership in Kiwanis Club. David was so critical in creating our Aktion club, which helps adults with disabilities in Siloam Springs. David's heart for service and for kids and their families is evident in his service through our local Kiwanis Club of Siloam Springs and the Mo-Ark District. David puts his work ethic behind things that make our community stronger. I ask all of my friends and family to vote for David! 

Jay Williams

As prosecuting attorney for Gentry, I've known and worked with David since he's the prosecuting attorney for Siloam Springs. I've witnessed him be fair -- but firm, with people who need to be held accountable. His work in  helping victims of domestic violence has made a positive impact on our community, and I'm glad he's going to push for more attention in that under-served area of the law.

Peggy Dorsey

David says what he means and does what he says. 

Is there anything more important in a judge than integrity?

That's why I'm excited to vote for David Bailey next March! Please join me!

Attorney Sach Oliver

I'm casting my vote for David Bailey because he is one of the most helpful and thoughtful attorneys I have met while practicing in Benton County. 

Some people seek public office to be somebody. David is running because he has a true passion to serve and make our community safer.

That's why I'm urging all my clients and friends to support David! 

Former Judge 

Tim Tarvin

As a former District Judge, I know that David listen, administer justice fairly, and will serve the residents of Benton County with a common sense approach to solving problems.

David's strong commitment to doing right by his clients, judges, law enforcement officers, and attorneys makes him the best choice for district court. 

Mayor John Mark Turner

I've served on the Chamber of Commerce board with David for years, and what I've learned about this man is that he will follow through with what he says. 

As an attorney, he's a strong advocate; as Prosecutor he has a proven record. As a friend, David is one of the "good guys." 

Chief Chuck Skaggs

I believe it's important for a voter to know that a Chief of Police respects a given judicial candidate. 

David Bailey has my utmost respect, and I know that he sees all community servants - that's fire, police, and maintenance - as putting themselves on the line for our community. 

David understands how we are all in this together.

Nancy Cash

I'm retired now from the Court Clerk's office, and I've seen plenty of attorneys, prosecutors, and defense attorneys pass through the doors. 

I consider David Bailey my friend, and I know firsthand that he is running for all the right reasons - to make our community safer, to speed up our court systems, and to help protect victims of senseless crimes like DWI and domestic violence. 

Al and Cathy


We've been running Cathy's Corner restaurant in Siloam Springs, so we know a thing about our community because we listen to our customers. 

David has been the prosecuting attorney for our community for years, and he's always been respectful, kind, and generous to everybody. 

In the restaurant business, you see all kinds. David and Carla are the "good kind." 

Attorney Andrea McCurdy

My law practice is centered around mediation and domestic relations cases, including divorces and child custody. 

Over the many years I've known David, he has always put the interests of children first, and as prosecuting attorney, he wants to know the victim of domestic violence has been fairly protected and included in the process of holding their abuser fully accountable.

I know he will bring that same compassion for those least able to defend themselves - and the same toughness on the abuser that we sorely need.

Attorney Jackie Gaithe

I am a former law professor, and I have known David for many years when he taught students at the University of Arkansas School of Law in Fayetteville. 


David's immense professionalism in the law has been excellent insight for students about running a law practice, especially one that serves a growing community such as Siloam Springs.


David stressed the importance of honoring your word with not only the Courts but also with attorneys, witnesses, and law enforcement officers.  

Steve & Ann


David has been our attorney for many years, working on matters large and small. 

He helped us navigate a family member through a difficult situation, and his tact, integrity, hard work, and wisdom made the 

experience easier to bear.


In our community, it doesn’t take long to figure out who’s willing to put in the hard work and who wants to take the easy path.


David has always put in the hard work because all of his clients are people who need a fair and honest attorney. I wish we had more people like David!