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Meet The Baileys

Our Family's Values

I have been working in Benton County 20+ years for Arvest Bank. I work hard delivering the best customer service I can provide. 

I am president of Bella Vista Kiwanis and an advisor for the K-Kids at Cooper Elementary. 

We are members of First Baptist Church in Gravette.  This is the church David and I were married in.  I am Treasurer at our church and have been involved with our youth to help them grow to be responsible Christ driven adults.

I am a native of Northwest Arkansas and love my hometown of Gravette.  I have always been a farm girl and enjoy working with the cattle and love riding our horses.

David and I met about a decade ago on  We hit it off right away.  The first thing that drew me to him when we met, was the kindness in his eyes. 


As we grew to know each other, that kindness was shown to me in many ways; the way he treated his clients and even those he prosecuted, to family and friends and even the way he loved his dog of 17 years. 


Our honeymoon was in San Francisco and he competed in Escape from Alcatraz, a triathlon.  I watched him jump from a boat, swim the COLD San Francisco Bay waters, then go bike and run.  His commitment to training was inspiring to me, as was his drive and endurance. 

He is a wonderful provider to our family and caregiver to our parents.  This has become apparent especially now that he has lost his dad and has taken over his role in helping out his mom.  He is a tremendous help to me with my parents as well.

David is my rock when I get anxious or upset.  He is my calm to my storms in life.  I have been so lucky to find him and have him in my life. 

We sincerely appreciate your time, and I hope you can support David in this election,

Carla Bailey